Terms & Conditions



Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Competition 2022 you hereby expressly agree to follow, respect and apply all the rules and regulations.

The ‘entrants/ entrant/ contestant/ contestants/ applicant/ participant’ is anyone/ everyone who registers for the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Competition 2022 by submitting the online form.

The ‘organiser’ is the DIScover India Studios and any partners approved by the company.

The ‘competition/ program’ means any and all of the workshops/ sessions/ photoshoots/ events/ programs/ activations/ promotions and categories of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man, some or all of which will happen online or through digital platforms including webinars, videos, video calls, emails, live social media sessions, etc.

A ‘Wild Card Entry ’ refers to all entrants/contestants limited to 12 who have secured an entry through Derby Clothing Private Limited membership or through partner registrations. 

Contestants’ Rules and Responsibilities


1. All contestants of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man program must be at least 18 years of age as of 19th of December 2021. They also must be residents/ citizens of the Republic of India at the moment of registration. The Entrant must be a naturally born genetic male.

2. All contestants must not have posed, posted, shared inappropriate or ethically controversial content including photos, videos, word, text or audio, professional or amateur, in any capacity whatsoever. Any such material will immediately disqualify the participant at any stage of the program.


3. The applicant understands that there is no entry fee and that the Organiser is making this valuable program available for all the finalists who qualify after the registration/ applications are qualified/ approved and auditions held either online or in person. 


4. Contestant warrants that he has made all necessary disclosures and has answered all the questions on the application form completely, honestly, and accurately (i.e. about age, gender, social media, interests, hobbies, goals, contact information, etc.). If the information provided is found to be false or misleading, the organizer can disqualify the contestant without any notice.


5. Contestant also warrants that he is not under contract with any person, firm, institution or company that would prevent or hinder her/ or his appearance or participation in the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man competition, activities, collaborations or assignments. 


6. Contestant also confirms that he will promote, participate in events, both online and offline and endorse all sponsors and partners of the event as part of his duties and responsibilities during and after the program/ competition as advised by the organiser.


7. Within 2 weeks from the last date of registration, the selected contestants will receive an email confirmation of their approval and communication of progress to the next level. A photo and basic information will be added to Clothes Dont Maketh The Man official  website under Entrants/ Contestants/ Finalists. The profiles/ images/ bio may also be added and shared on partner/ sponsor websites & social media platfroms. 

8. Tamil & English is the official language of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Competition. It is a requirement for contestants to understand and speak English. 

9. The contestant agrees to release his right to make any press/ online/ social media releases whatsoever, without the consent and written/ email approval of the Organisers. Any breach will result in disqualification, legal action & charges.


10. Contestants must have an active Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp account. 


11. The selected contestant ( finalist )  agrees to participate in all the program workshops/ activities/ coaching classes and must assign sufficient time to complete all the modules, assignments and follow all instructions provided.


12. If a finalist is chosen as the winner, and relinquishes this position for any reason, all prizes must be returned in full and in the condition received.


13. The contestant accepts that the decisions of the CDMTM Judges & Organisers are final. No correspondence will be entered into. Contestants agree that the contest Judges’ decisions on all matters including approval, disqualification, points awarded and final results relating to the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program are final, absolute and binding.


14. The contestant will not be permitted to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke during any of the activities related to the program. The contestant will not use or post on social media any inappropriate language at any time during the course of their involvement in Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program/ Competition. The contestant agrees to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout the competition. Any unacceptable behaviour can be subject to immediate disqualification of the contestant from the competition. 


15. Contestants will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, mentors, Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man team, program partners, sponsor representatives, hosts, anchor, crew or anyone else involved with or connected to the competition. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks, texts, posts and/or content against the mentioned, will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and will be followed by legal charges. Contestant also understands that if he/ they have a problem with anything or anyone, he/ they are obligated to bring to the notice of and discuss the problem with the organisers immediately as first approach.


16. Any contestant found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums, social networking sites or any other public domain will be immediately disqualified with a penalty of Rs. 50,000 followed by legal action.


17. A Contestant, or any individual related to a Contestant, must not approach Judges with the intent to influence or harass. Action of this type will be reported to the organisers of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man competition and be the reason for disqualification of the contestant from the competition with a penalty of Rs. 1,00,000 followed by legal action.


18. All pictures and videos taken during the course of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program are the property of Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Competition & DIScover India Studios, and by signing this contract, you agree to release any right even in case of disqualification.


19. All pictures and videos taken during the course of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man will only be used for the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man, Derby Clothing Pvt. Ltd. and its partners/ sponsors/ media purposes and will not be distributed to any third party.

20. All content created and posted by the Contestant/ Finalist on his/ their social media related to the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program shall be a property of the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program. 


21. Possession and/or consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.


22.  All finalists will be updated with the schedule of the contest on weekly basis through Online Sessions or Emails or Whatsapp Group Chat or Social Media platforms. It is the contestant’s responsibility to ensure all event/ meeting/ workshop/ appearance/ photoshoot/ promotion times are adhered to. Clothes Don’tMaketh The Man Program cannot be held responsible should you miss an activity, resulting in your disqualification from the program.


23. Contestants proved to have deliberately damaged, stolen, hindered other contestant/ event partner/ organiser/ sponsor belongings, will be instantly disqualified from the competition.


24. Official Merchhandise will be provided by Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program for all the finalists  and must be worn at all times during all events/ meetings/ workshops/ appearances/ photoshoots/ and promotions unless otherwise advised by the Organiser. Failure to wear the correct outfits may mean you will not be able to participate in that particular activity and therefore result in disqualification.


25. Failure to take part in the contest due to injury, sickness or any other reason whatsoever, will unfortunately lead to an exit from the Program based on the Judge’s/ input.


26. Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man reserve the right to alter any events, activities and timings noted on the Official Clothes Dont Maketh The Man Website, Partner Websites, emails, or in the contest schedule and itinerary. Any such changes will be communicated to the selected finalists via Instagram and/ or e-mail and/ or WhatsApp Group Chat.


27. Contestants agree to notify the organisers of any changes of address, telephone number, social media handles or email address in the lead up to the contest and for the entire period of their participation.


28. The main form of contact in the lead up to the competition will be via e-mail and WhatsApp Group Chat. Contestants/ finalists agree to check their email account and WhatsApp on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of any changes and updates.


29. The chosen Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man winners/ top performers must allow a duration of a maximum of up to 3 months to receive his prizes/ gifts/ vouchers. 


30. By entering this competition, all contestants agree to promote all sponsors as per the organisers instructions including through social media, attending events, launches and posting brand content on your social media and allowing them to post it on their website and their social media ( Instagram/ Facebook/ YouTube, etc. ) pages. This will continue with a year-long contract for select finalists to work with Derby Clothing Pvt. Ltd. and other Brand Partners of Clothes Dont Maketh The Man Program as their brand ambassadors or promoters or interns in exchange for their services/ products/ or gift vouchers. These contracts can be renewed at the end of the first year on mutual terms between the brand and the finalist.


31. Total Prize Money to be won:


Rs.10,00,000 worth of promotional/ endorsement/ content creation/ assignment contracts, merchandise, partner coupons, discounts, grooming & styling sessions.



·        Should the competition be cancelled due to force majeure, meaning any event or condition, not existing as of the date of this agreement, not reasonably foreseeable as of such date and not reasonably within the control of either party, which prevents in whole or in material part the performance by a party of its obligations hereunder or which renders the performance of such obligations difficult or costly as to make such performance financially and practically unreasonable. Without limiting the foregoing, the following will constitute events or conditions of force majeure: acts of God, acts of civil or military authority, state or governmental action, embargoes, pandemics, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, explosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, power blackouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, volcanic action, strikes, lock-out, slowdowns, trade dispute or labour disturbance, acts of highways authorities, internet failure, poor network connection, or any other major environmental disturbances, unusually severe weather conditions, acts or omissions of third parties beyond the control of the parties hereto.

If you have any concerns about the above rules of entry or the terms and conditions, please bring these to the attention of Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Organisers prior to entry through an email.

It shall be at the Organiser’s discretion as to whether or not any rules have been broken and you will be advised of this decision.

Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man reserves the right to add or amend these terms at any time. Contestants/Finalists will be notified of any such changes as and when they occur. Any changes will be with immediate effect.

The decision of Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man ‘Organisers’ is final.

Acknowledgement and Agreement

By registering you agree to this contract (written and/or electronically) with the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man Program & its Organisers.

You accept to apply and respect the rules and regulations of the entities. Any act considered fraudulent, or detrimental to the Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man program, participants, partners, sponsors, crew, team members, associates or the organisers will result in legal actions and immediate fine.

The Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man competition is organised by DIScover India Studios


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