MAN OF THE YEAR is a hybrid learning and activation program that combines the best of both worlds – online education and on-ground activities. Through virtual interactive sessions led by experts, participants can access valuable knowledge and insights from the comfort of their own homes while the program also offers exciting on-ground events such as styling sessions, photo shoots, modelling workshops, fashion runways, and community initiatives. These activities provide opportunities for participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in real-world settings while gaining invaluable experience and exposure. By combining both online and on-ground components, MAN OF THE YEAR offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that prepares participants for success in personal and professional life. Whether you’re an aspiring model, stylist, designer, or entrepreneur, MAN OF THE YEAR provides a unique and dynamic learning environment that will help discover and become a better version of yourself.





The first step towards this journey is to fill up the Application Form for the next edition of the MAN OF THE YEAR Program. It will need your basic information, your response to a few questions regarding your personality, passion and goals in life. Please take your time with the application form and be as clear as possible.  The information you provide will be used to decide on the approval of your application, and your progress to the next level. Selections will be based on your inputs, your social media pages, your alignment with our vision and more importantly, on what you want to learn from this program. A fee of Rs. 1000 will be required to be paid to complete the Application. This fees is non-transferable and non-refundable. Please make sure you understand the program and have read all the Terms & Conditions before submitting the application. 

Verification & Approval

Your application will be verified, checked and analysed for approval by our team using an AI interface. Those who do not go to the next stage of the program, will be sent a limited period membership in order to become a part of a MAN OF THE YEAR Experience. These members will receive  gifts worth Rs. 2000 comprising of exclusive CDMTM Merchandise. And access to some of the learning modules after the program is over. 



Video Auditions

The selected applicants will be required to answer and record videos for 5 questions that will help us know and understand them better. This will also be used as a reference point towards getting better in communication, creating content and self-expression. This is an important stage and only 100 top applicants will go past this stage.  The applicants will be awarded points at every stage including the quality of their application & the Q&A Videos. This will help the MAN OF THE YEAR Team arrive at the Top 100 candidates who will then go into the Auditions Stage. 

Live Auditions

The Auditions are the final stage of selection and only the most potential, vision-aligned and creative applicants will make it as the Finalist of MAN OF THE YEAR 2024 program. The selection procedure takes into account all factors such as the information you have provided in your application, your goals, your inspirations, and things you would like to change in the world. We will also go through your social media pages to see what accounts you follow and if or not your answers on Application/ Q&A Videos match the personality on your online profiles. The team will also be monitoring the kind of content you post on a daily basis. Points will be given for everything and these will add up during the selection process. The Auditions will then decide the finalists for the program.



Finalist Announcement

The Finalists will be announced and their profiles will be uploaded on our website homepage. Please make sure you submit a good head shot while applying for the program as this will be used for your online profile and on our social media. You can also send us updated images after the announcement if required. All finalists will receive the MAN OF THE YEAR Welcome Kit and some gifts from partner brands.


The Induction Stage will help the finalists understand the structure of the program better and be able to plan their way forward to make the best of this opportunity. The Induction will include Introduction to the Program and an Information Session by the MAN OF THE YEAR Crew and Alumni.



Master Sessions

Learning Sessions are held online through Zoom on the weekend in the evenings mostly on Saturdays. Each Session lasts 2 hours which includes an interactive Q&A Session with the mentor. Mentors are chosen from various fields of interest covering all the 12 disciplines that we focus on during this program.

Creative Challenges

The aim of these challenges is to get you thinking and out of your comfort zone. Most of these challenges consist of implementing the learnings ing everyday life, getting creative with ideation, content creation, collaborations and partnerships. Opportunities are provided to collaborate with fashion brands, lifestyle businesses, international photographers, designers and stylists. Each opportunity is a step towards a more confident You.



Styling & Personal Grooming

This is probably one of the the most fun and satisfying part of the program. All the finalists get styled by a partner menswear brand and by personal stylists with grooming a few times during the course of the program. This not only allows to learn new skills but also helps push your personal style quotient higher with the help of professionals from these fashion brands and salons. It is also a great opportunity to create some cool and powerful content in collaboration with some amazing photographers, designers, content creators and stylists. Those inclined towards modelling and influencer careers benefit a lot from these sessions. This also opens doors for them to start looking at working with other brands after the program is over.

Social Activities

The program believes in supporting local businesses while taking personal journey towards a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Various activities including food drive / clothing for the homeless, bringing a smile to a stranger, participating in fund-raising activities for different foundations and taking steps towards a sustainable life will become second nature to you as you progress through the program. And this is probably what makes MAN OF THE YEAR unique and special among hundreds of other programs in the world.



Grand Finals

The Grand Finals give us the opportunity to bring all the finalists, alumni, mentors and partners together. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the achievers. This is usually done through an online ceremony but next years Grand Finals will include a Fashion Show to be held on-ground where parents, friends and well-wishers can come together to participate in the graduation and the award presentation ceremony.

Man of the Year

The Winner of the MAN OF THE YEAR 2024 will be announced after the Grand Finals night. We will also be announcing the TOP 5 Winners all of whom will be winning prizes & contracts worth more than Rs.10 Lacs to work with brands and partners over the next one year.




Show Up

Registrations Open - D100, D200, D38 boys, CDMTM 2 Boys


Merchandise for CDMTM participants

STYLE UP- Celebrity Festive Shoot

Pongal Festive Photoshoot with a celebrity

CDMTM S02 – Styling Sessions

Pongal Festive Photoshoot with a celebrity

Pongal – CDMTM S02

1st Session CDMTM Season 02

CDMTM S02 – Mentoring Session

1st Mentoring Session of CDMTM S02
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