How Does It Work.


1. Registration & Selection Process

You will need to fill in the registration form with your basic information, and reply to a few questions regarding your personality, passion and goals in life. Please take your time with the application form and be as genuine as possible as the information you provide will be used to decide on the approval of your application in order to reach the Selection Level. Selections will be based on your inputs in the application form, the quality of your social media pages, your alignment with our vision and more importantly, on the goal that you want to achieve in life.

Screening & Auditions

The selection procedure depends on various factors such as the information you have provided in your application, your goals, your inspirations, and things you would like to change in the world. We will also go through your social media pages to see what accounts you follow and if or not your answers on paper match the personality on your profile. We will also keep a keen eye on the kind of content you post on a daily basis. Points will be given for everything and these will add up during the selection process. Once your application has been selected/approved, you can look forward to the mentoring sessions.


3. Mentoring Sessions

All participants will be guided and mentored by a panel of celebrities and role models for about 12 weeks, through various online sessions covering topics required to get better in the personality development, style etiquette, fashion, personal grooming, social media marketing & corporate social responsibility spectrums. By the end of the sessions, you would have benefited immensely through extremely valuable interactions, teachings and experiences. You will be given various challenges and opportunities for a one-on-one interaction with the mentors. Failing to meet the requirements of the mentors or the challenges, will lead to eliminations.

4. Styling Sessions

You will be groomed to look good and feel good in your skin, and reflect positive aspects about your personality through a series of styling sessions with our partners. You will not just discover a new and improved side and feel like the best version of yourself, but also positively impact those around you and influence them with your fresh perspectives. 


5. Social Media Challenges

You will be required to post the developments on the program consistently on your Social Media handles during the entire duration of the program. You will also have to perform a few challenges – both on-ground and online – that involve engaging segments, live interactions and so on. Points will be added for your flair and flamboyance in handling your social media audience.

6. Winner Announcements

Names of the CDMTM title winners and runners-up will be formally announced on Social Media. Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, we may also take a call on holding the Clothes Don’t Maketh the Man Title Announcement in a grand venue in Chennai, depending on the directives from our government, officials and partners. Winners will be entitled to win prizes worth Rs. 10 Lakhs and opportunities to collaborate with experts in the media, fashion & style and personality development fields. 

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